2022 CANstruction Competition
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2022 CANstruction Competition

Come to Kahala Mall to view our submission for this year’s CANstruction theme, “A Garden of CANstructures.”

Did you know that honeybees are the most important pollinators for flowers, fruits, and vegetables? Bees are part of a small group of Keystone species which play a key role in keeping our ecosystem balanced and thriving through the pollination of plants and flowers. Cross-pollenization – the transfer of pollen between plants is critical to the production of fruits, vegetables and grain. Our little honeybee workers are active from sunup to sundown, keeping our global economy buzzing before returning to their hives. According to Greenpeace, bees pollinate over 80% of the crops that we eat daily, and unfortunately 33% of the worldwide honeybee population has died off in just a few years. The main reasons: pesticides used from commercial farming, diseases, and parasites.

What can we (humans) do to help? To name a few: spread the word, support, and promote safe agricultural practices that benefit pollination services within agricultural systems i.e., crop rotation, ecological focus areas at farm level and organic farming. Let’s work together in saving our hardworking pollinator, the Busy Bee!

This year’s build was lead by Lisa Nguyen, we want to thank her for another successful event. We’d also like to thank everyone that came out to help construct our Busy Bee.

Our structure is just 1 of the 8 submissions. Voting for the People’s Choice Award runs from September 17 to September 24. Each vote is a donation to the Hawaii Food Bank ($1 = 1 vote). If our sculpture is your favorite, place vote by clicking the link below. Mahalo!